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Das Savills Research Team hat sich durch seinen innovativen und zukunftsweisenden Marktforschungsansatz einen exzellenten Ruf erarbeitet. Basis hierfür ist ein klares Verständnis der Dynamik der Märkte und der Anspruch an kreative Lösungen zur Erfüllung der Kundenbedürfnisse.
Dieser marktbestimmende Ansatz macht für unsere Kunden den Unterschied. Er befähigt uns zu Analysen, Interpretationen und Vorhersagen von echtem Wert.

Das Herzstück dieses Prozesses ist die Fähigkeit des Teams, neue Lösungskonzepte zu schaffen, die auch der wirtschaftlichen Realität standhalten. Dabei decken wir die Immobilienmärkte in UK, Europa, Asien und Amerika mit Schwerpunkt London, Hong Kong und New York ab.

Internationale Marktberichte


Asia Pacific Hotel Sales & Investment Briefing Nov 2017
10. November 2017

The investment sales market picked up tremendously in the third quarter, partly due to large scale transactions in China. Both domestic and cross-border investors are still actively looking for opportunities offering stable returns.


Market in Minutes - Are markets diverging again?

24. April 2013

Savills suggests yield shifts indicate a return to pre euro economy.

Singapore Office Briefing Q1, 2013

Singapore Office Briefing Q1, 2013

22. April 2013

Rents for CBD Grade A office buildings may rise further if interest rates remain low and the economy holds steady, owing to a lack of new supply over the next three years.


Market report Dutch property markets in 2012 and 2013 March 2013

18. April 2013

It is becoming increasingly clear where the threats and also the opportunities lie within the Dutch real estate markets.    


Market report Sweden Investment Q1 2013

18. April 2013

“Yield spreads between primeand secondary have continuedto grow, but the shortage ofprime assets on the marketcould force investors intolooking at the prime portion ofsecondary assets”.


UK Commercial Market in Minutes - Lenders more positive on credit availability for property

15. April 2013

This month has seen prime yieldsstarting to trend downwards. For theoffi ce market, the investment agents'view is that investor appetite for theSouth East has improved considerably.

Residential Sector Briefing Q1, 2013

Residential Sector Briefing Q1, 2013

12. April 2013

Fears, unfounded or otherwise, of being crowded out of the private market when the population increases further appear to be the driving force behind the strong domestic demand for suburban homes.

Hotel Sales & Investment Briefing Q1, 2013

Hotel Sales & Investment Briefing Q1, 2013

11. April 2013

Investment activity across the region will continue to increase as major global risk factors are seen to be reducing, albeit not yet disappearing. Australia and Japan will be major targets for crossborder investors, while markets such as Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea are continuously sought-after.


Spotlight Scotland’s Prime Residential Property Market

10. April 2013

Looking ahead, we expect a reduction in thelevel of prime stock available to buy over the next two years, and prices to improve as demand andsupply rebalance.


UK Shopping Centre and High Street Bulletin Quarter 1 2013

09. April 2013

Shopping centre investment volumes rebounded in the first quarter of 2012 (194% up on the same quarter of last year).


Market report Madrid offices Q4 2012

22. März 2013

  In 2012, the office market reflected the difficulties that the business sector was and still is going through. Gross annual take-up hit record lows. The approximately 285,000 sq m registered, were 21% below the same figure in 2011.



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