Internationale Marktberichte

Das Savills Research Team hat sich durch seinen innovativen und zukunftsweisenden Marktforschungsansatz einen exzellenten Ruf erarbeitet. Basis hierfür ist ein klares Verständnis der Dynamik der Märkte und der Anspruch an kreative Lösungen zur Erfüllung der Kundenbedürfnisse.
Dieser marktbestimmende Ansatz macht für unsere Kunden den Unterschied. Er befähigt uns zu Analysen, Interpretationen und Vorhersagen von echtem Wert.

Das Herzstück dieses Prozesses ist die Fähigkeit des Teams, neue Lösungskonzepte zu schaffen, die auch der wirtschaftlichen Realität standhalten. Dabei decken wir die Immobilienmärkte in UK, Europa, Asien und Amerika mit Schwerpunkt London, Hong Kong und New York ab.

Internationale Marktberichte


Asia Pacific Hotel Sales & Investment Briefing Nov 2017
10. November 2017

The investment sales market picked up tremendously in the third quarter, partly due to large scale transactions in China. Both domestic and cross-border investors are still actively looking for opportunities offering stable returns.


Market in Minutes Prime Regional - Q1 2011

19. April 2011

A slow start to 2011 across prime regional markets, however, medium term prospects remain promising.


Sweden investment bulletin Spring 2011.pdf

19. April 2011

Investor interest remains strong, driven by positive economic outlook and good leasing market prospects. We believe crossborder investment is likely to grow in the future but will face fierce  Zur Publikation (PDF)


Commercial Market in Minutes

15. April 2011

Market pricing paused in March as economic factors increase uncertainty.  


Insights - Four Global Cities

13. April 2011

The quality and characteristics of a city’s housing stockplay an important role in boosting its attraction andmaking it more competitive in global terms. But onlya few centres have emerged as truly global cities,magnets for the world’s wealthy families and theirmoney. Our Global Cities Review looks at the primeresidential property markets of four of these key cities– London, New York, Hong Kong and Moscow –examines the forces driving these markets and looksahead to the implications for investors in these cities.


Spain Retail Warehouse Market - Spring 2011

12. April 2011

Rental stability, tenant solvency, low vacancy rates, easy development and management, as well as low supply per capita, has meant that by their very nature prime rental parks are very attractive for developers and investors, however at the same time the ideal product is scarce.


Manchester Office Market Report - Spring 2011

08. April 2011

With no development pipeline, Grade A supply will continue to reduce throughout 2011.  


Planning Briefing Note

05. April 2011

The recent Budget statement has put planning centre-stage as a vehicle for promoting economic growth. We now appear to be entering a new laissez-faire approach to decision-making.


Spotlight on West Kent Residential Development Sales

31. März 2011

With close ties to the London employment market, the demand for new property in the West Kent area, specifically Sevenoaks, remains strong.


Savills Agricultural Land Market Survey 2011

30. März 2011

Established 25 years ago, this year Savills Rural Research is celebrating a significant milestone. Since then farmland values have increased significantly and there seems little to hinder their performance in the near future.


Savills Budget Briefing Note 2011

23. März 2011

“Can George erode the housing shortage mountain?” asks Yolande Barnes, head of Savills Research



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