Internationale Marktberichte

Das Savills Research Team hat sich durch seinen innovativen und zukunftsweisenden Marktforschungsansatz einen exzellenten Ruf erarbeitet. Basis hierfür ist ein klares Verständnis der Dynamik der Märkte und der Anspruch an kreative Lösungen zur Erfüllung der Kundenbedürfnisse.
Dieser marktbestimmende Ansatz macht für unsere Kunden den Unterschied. Er befähigt uns zu Analysen, Interpretationen und Vorhersagen von echtem Wert.

Das Herzstück dieses Prozesses ist die Fähigkeit des Teams, neue Lösungskonzepte zu schaffen, die auch der wirtschaftlichen Realität standhalten. Dabei decken wir die Immobilienmärkte in UK, Europa, Asien und Amerika mit Schwerpunkt London, Hong Kong und New York ab.

Internationale Marktberichte


Asia Pacific Hotel Sales & Investment Briefing Nov 2017
10. November 2017

The investment sales market picked up tremendously in the third quarter, partly due to large scale transactions in China. Both domestic and cross-border investors are still actively looking for opportunities offering stable returns.


Industrial briefi ng

05. Februar 2010

“Industrial rents and prices rose at the close of 2009, reversing four quarters of decline"


Taiwan Office Briefing

05. Februar 2010

Grade ‘A’ office rents re-stabilize while prime office rents rise, bucking the trend.       Zur Publikation (PDF)


Brussels Office Market

03. Februar 2010

“The Brussels office market could well be in its early recovery stages with Q1 take-up off to an exceptionally strong start whilst investment market demand for prime assets is burgeoning.”  


Commercial Auctions Market Review

01. Februar 2010

“2010 will bring more stock to the auction market but the difference between prime and secondary prices will continue to separate until funding becomes easier”  


Economic Watch

01. Februar 2010

Concerns about delays with the NAMA timetable and increasing speculation that the cash strapped banks will increase variable interest rates independent of the ECB, overshadow the Central Bank’s relatively positive forecast that the economy will emerge from recession in 2010...


Amsterdam Office Market Q4 2009

28. Januar 2010

“The office occupier market in Amsterdam has been hit fiercely by the economic headwind during 2009. Demand dropped sharply while supply rose. However, improved figures for the fourth quarter of the year, both in the letting and investment markets, suggest the beginning of the upswing for 2010.”


France Commercial Property Markets Q4 2009

27. Januar 2010

“On the investment side, improvements are multiplying. Most sought-after letting markets recorded a renewal of activity during the last quarter of 2009 but no sign of a generalised restart is still perceptible."


Spotlight on... Farmland Values

27. Januar 2010

Historically farmland is regarded a safe haven in times of economic uncertainty; this proved to be the case during 2009. In addition, trading and owning land has tax benefits, quite apart from the windfalls that strategically located farmland can produce by way of future development. Land also has obvious lifestyle attractions and a more positive sentiment in the amenity and country house markets in the second half of 2009 gave additional support to farmland values.


Spotlight on... Prime Rental Market

21. Januar 2010

“The return of growth in prime rents has come at a time when activity in the sales market has increased dramatically, rapidly eroding the surplus stock as  come accidental landlords have chosen to sell.”


Utrecht Office Market Q4 2009

20. Januar 2010

“In spite of the overall economic context, the Utrecht office market remained relatively resilient with improving demand throughout 2009 and a stable level of supply. The investment activity has been fluctuating over the year”



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