Internationale Marktberichte

Das Savills Research Team hat sich durch seinen innovativen und zukunftsweisenden Marktforschungsansatz einen exzellenten Ruf erarbeitet. Basis hierfür ist ein klares Verständnis der Dynamik der Märkte und der Anspruch an kreative Lösungen zur Erfüllung der Kundenbedürfnisse.
Dieser marktbestimmende Ansatz macht für unsere Kunden den Unterschied. Er befähigt uns zu Analysen, Interpretationen und Vorhersagen von echtem Wert.

Das Herzstück dieses Prozesses ist die Fähigkeit des Teams, neue Lösungskonzepte zu schaffen, die auch der wirtschaftlichen Realität standhalten. Dabei decken wir die Immobilienmärkte in UK, Europa, Asien und Amerika mit Schwerpunkt London, Hong Kong und New York ab.

Internationale Marktberichte


Asia Pacific Hotel Sales & Investment Briefing Nov 2017
10. November 2017

The investment sales market picked up tremendously in the third quarter, partly due to large scale transactions in China. Both domestic and cross-border investors are still actively looking for opportunities offering stable returns.


European Commercial Markets Q3 2008

22. Oktober 2008

“Limited transaction evidence and market instability have caused uncertainty around the current pricing levels. We believe that until liquidity is restored in the markets investors will continue to apply higher risk premiums on property.”


Luxembourg Office Market

22. Oktober 2008

“Take-up, which has been heavily dependant on the financial sector, will likely soften as the expansion of the financial groups declines.The future of the Luxembourg investment market will depend heavily on its main purchase group, the German funds.”    

Seoul Office Briefing Q3 2008

Seoul Office Briefing Q3 2008

22. Oktober 2008

Seoul’s strongly performing offi ce market was one of the few bright spots on an increasingly gloomy economic landscape during the third quarter of 2008. Vacancy rates fell to record lows - the lowest in the Asian region - while annual rental growth accelerated to a 7 year high.


Singapore Retail Briefing

22. Oktober 2008

Retail rents continued their upward trend in the  first half of 2008 backed by healthy demand. However, going forward the market is expected to soften due to global economic uncertainties and high levels of supply in the pipeline.    Zur Publikation (PDF)


The Netherlands Retail Market

16. Oktober 2008

“Overall activity on both the investment and the leasing markets has weakened considerably over the year. On non-prime locations both rent and yield levels are therefore under considerable pressure. On high-street locations rent levels remain stable, due to strong national and international demand. We expect prime retail to keep on outperforming the property market.”


Barcelona Office Market - Q3 2008

14. Oktober 2008

Through to April, demand and rental values remained relatively stable. From May however, it was apparent that the occupier market was to become sharply weaker, due to the effects of the financial turmoil. This uncertain economic environment has mainly affected the investment market, with a rise in yield expectations on the part of investors of 150 basis points in the last twelve months.


Industrial Market Watch

24. September 2008

  It is anticipated that the letting market will remain buoyant for the remainder of the year and will dominate over sales activity.  Zur Publikation (PDF)


Residential Property Focus

02. September 2008

As Autumn fast approaches, our third issue of the Residential Property Focus 2008 could perhaps be construed as a publication of two halves. For the first time since the onset of the credit crunch, we have included our view on the timings and nature of the recovery, when it eventually comes.


Singapore Industrial Briefing

28. August 2008

Despite weak Q2 manufacturing  figures, prices and rents of industrial properties remain relatively stable amid increasingly volatile market conditions    


Singapore Office Briefing

28. August 2008

Uncertainty in the global financial markets, rising inflation rates and modest economic growth have dampened investor sentiment, resulting i



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